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Content Marketing @ AMCSUS Conference

We are excited to be invited to speak at the Association of Military Colleges and Schools annual conference at the end of February.

Our talks are always better in person!

content marketing presentation
  • Topic: 101 Ways Military Schools Should Be Using Content Marketing Right Now!
  • Date: 26-28 Feb 2017
  • Location: The Westin Alexandria, Alexandria Virginia
  • Info: AMCSUS.ORG

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One of the first things I learned as a new cadet was that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph was for good men (and women) to do nothing. We will not sit and do nothing. We will work past adversity and use our talents to do all that we can to help these great military schools thrive.

  • Andrew Erickson
    Andrew Erickson

    Relationship Developer

    Andrew is a true boarding school fanatic. At various times in his career he has been a computer science teacher, coach of a nationally ranked team, and admissions & marketing director at several boarding schools. He attended a military boarding school for five years. In his scant free time, Andrew reads a lot, kayaks, photographs, and explores our great country.


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