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New AMCSUS Web Presence

We are excited to announce that Mob42 is building the new web presence for the Association of Military Colleges and School of the United States. AMCSUS member schools represent the top schools using the military model.

We are excited to announce that Mob42 is building the new web presence for the Association of Military Colleges and School of the United States. AMCSUS member schools represent the top schools using the military model. Member schools include Senior Military Colleges, Junior Military Colleges, military boarding high schools, and military day schools.

Many people falsely believe that military schools are for troubled kids or as a recruitment tool for the military. In truth, military schools are filled with smart students who are learning leadership in a supportive environment, making lifelong friends, and becoming more prepared than the normal high school or college student to face challenges head on.

Working with this broad range of schools is exciting and a little bit of a challenge. We are having great conversations with dedicated administrators that truly believe they are educating the next generation of leaders.

Wilson and I have about 15 years of combined experience as cadets (students), coaches, teachers, and staff of several of these schools, so we do speak the language. In 1999, I built my first website for a military school, and have gotten a little better since then (please don't go find it, it's a website from 1999 and is embarrassing). Mob42 is ready for this task at hand!

In discussions with stakeholders at many of the AMCSUS schools, we have developed a list of features for the new site. We can not make this project a success without the great marketing professionals at each of these schools. Thank you for your feedback and ideas; we are all smarter together!

New Website Features

  • Easy Updates for School Information - School listing sites are often stale as there is little involvement with the school after the initial information dump. Over time, staff move on or get promoted and login information is lost. This then requires a password reset and sometimes a phone call from an official phone. This is a nuisance for everyone. We are handling information updates through relationships with the schools. As new AMCSUS content is created, we will be working with the marketing teams to proof and promote. As new staff come on board, we will welcome them and catch them up. Mob42 is always a email/text/phone call away!
  • Separate Content for Students and Parents - Parents and students are often interested in a military academy education for different reasons. Smart schools focus on providing content for parents as well as students. So will the Association.
  • News Syndicated from Social Media and Website Feeds - Using the custom tools we created for our Militaryschooler.com site, the AMCSUS Director will have the ability to click & republish from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and school blog feeds.
  • More Comprehensive School Profile - Comparing schools is difficult. There are the AMCSUS (top) schools as well as others that claim to be military schools. We want to give a clear window into the life of these schools, what all they offer, and the benefits of a military style education. Each school will have a photo gallery, videos, and staff profiles.
  • Event Listing by State / School - We have created a tool to aggregate this data directly from the schools' websites. This allows people interested in exploring the military colleges and schools to see when events are happening in their area.
  • Site Traffic Logs for Each School - Each school will be able to see traffic on their school section, either with a monthly data dump or by using a code snippet tied to their analytics package. (See cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics)
  • Gallery Section - The gallery will provide a tool for students and parents to explore photos and then move on to explore more information from the school.
  • Notable Alumni - So many leaders have graduated from the military colleges and schools, and not just military leaders. We want to publish their photo, their school, why they are noteworthy, and hopefully a quote about their school.
  • Ask a Question - In order to keep our FAQ section relevant, parents and students will have the ability to ask questions that will be directly answered by the schools. Responses will be posted in the FAQ sections.
  • Calls to Action (CTA) - Generating admissions leads is a major goal of all school websites and school listing sites. Each school will have its own CTA leading to a landing page on the AMCSUS site or their own site, as well as a general CTA for all schools.
  • Searchable School Resources - AMCSUS holds a wealth of data provided by thought leaders in the military education world. This information will be cleanly organized and searchable by the schools and the public. Currently there are three major sections: Best Practices, Conference Presentations, and Essential Elements.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Each page will have SEO practices applied, and these efforts will be monitored and updated throughout the life of the site. AMCSUS should not only show up organically when searching for military colleges and schools, but when searching for boarding schools and for parents and students researching educational opportunities.
  • Responsive and Optimized for Mobile - Most traffic will be sourced from social media (mostly mobile) and search. The site will be responsive to the size of the screen of the users device without the need for a second mobile site.

This is not an exhaustive list and may be changing as we find better ways to go about things.

Once the site is launched, we will begin A-B testing and plan on constantly improving the site to best support member schools. A good web site is an evolving entity needing a constant stream of fresh content. AMCSUS will also be creating its own content to support the schools.

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The Mob42 API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to automate traffic retrieval from our websites and partner websites (Militaryschooler, AMCSUS, etc).

One of the first things I learned as a new cadet was that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph was for good men (and women) to do nothing. We will not sit and do nothing. We will work past adversity and use our talents to do all that we can to help these great military schools thrive.

  • Andrew Erickson
    Andrew Erickson

    Relationship Developer

    Andrew is a true boarding school fanatic. At various times in his career he has been a computer science teacher, coach of a nationally ranked team, and admissions & marketing director at several boarding schools. He attended a military boarding school for five years. In his scant free time, Andrew reads a lot, kayaks, photographs, and explores our great country.


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