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Retrieve information about our website visitors

The Mob42 API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to automate traffic retrieval from our websites and partner websites (Militaryschooler, AMCSUS, etc).

The Mob42 API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to automate traffic retrieval from our websites and partner websites (Militaryschooler, AMCSUS, etc).

Knowing how users interact with your website, as well as with other properties, will give you better insights into the users of your website and allow you to better understand the journey they take when researching your own and other schools.

It should be so easy in this interconnected world to build online profiles of visitors to a website. There are many services that will sell you information based on an email address, but most users do not wish to share an email address in the beginning of their buyer's journey. However, you can still get information about their browser useragent, their IP address (with a rough location), and most importantly the pages they visited.

Our API allows you to retrieve the following information, based on a user's IP address

  • Status - What we think about the user (good, school, unknown, mob42, bot, trash)
  • Nickname - An internal nickname given to bots or known users (like FUMA)
  • City
  • Region - State
  • Country
  • Areacode
  • All Pageviews - in descending order

The API can be used for any IP in our user database (with 106,151 unique IP addresses as of Feb 2018). You can look up any user on your website, whether they came there via Mob42 or not. However, if if they have not visited our websites we will not have information about them.

You must have a key to utilize the API. Just contact Mob42 to be issued one.

Example API Query

A query of:


Will return a JSON (Javascript Object Notation) formatted result of:

        [info] => stdClass Object
            [status] => trash/unknown/good/school/mob42/bot
            [nickname] => XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
            [ip] => XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
            [property] => amcsus/militaryschooler
            [city] => City Name
            [region] => State Name
            [country] => Country Code
            [areacode] => XXX

        [pages] => Array
            [0] => pagename
            [1] => pagename
            [2] => pagename
            [3] => pagename

Example PHP code is available in the API Documentation.

If all of this sounds great, but you do not know how to get started, we can help with that too. Please just get in touch with us.

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    Andrew Erickson

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