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Summer Info for Boarding Schools

Checklist for listing your summer programs on your boarding school website.

As we research summer programs at boarding schools, we are coming to understand the frustration parents have in comparing and selecting the perfect summer camp/school for their teens.

Boarding schools are at a disadvantage in that they are primarily focused on the school year. This is what their websites reflect, with content about summer programs shoehorned in. Entities that are primarily summer camps do not have this problem, since their websites can reflect their whole program. Several boarding schools have even set up separate websites just for summer to deal with this content problem.

After looking at the summer offerings as a "customer", I realized that I was also a guilty party of this shoehorning and lesser focus on summer. This guide helps you think like a customer and provides information about your summer programs in an effective and organized manner.

This is not a list of what you should be doing to drive traffic to your summer pages, but we can totally help with that too! Get in touch.

You can also download the Summer Checklist.

  • Video (grabs attention and generates excitement about your program)
  • Name of Program (in large text)
  • Type of Summer Program (summer school, sports camp, military camp, academics and adventure camp)
  • Location of Program
  • Subtitle (the name doesn't always describe the camp well, have this stand out)
  • Ages / Grades
  • Dates / Tuition (this is a great use for a table, no separate pages for tuition - put it right by the dates)
  • Description of Program (in small paragraphs)
  • Who attends? (There is often confusion if the summer programs are only available to current students)
  • What do the students/campers do? (especially on weekends)
  • Who is running this thing, anyway?
  • Goals of the program
  • How similar is your school year program to your summer program?
  • What students/campers do after the program is over? (This is a great way to introduce school year admissions)
  • Profile, contact info and photos of key staff
  • What classes and activities are offered (please include them on the page so that the search function works!)
  • Testimonials from parents and students
  • Link to application
  • Link to packing list and important forms
  • PHOTOS!!!!!
  • Relevant URL (school.com/summer)
  • Links to summer-specific social media
  • Call to Action to get in touch with Admissions

Summer Example:

URL: someschoolname.com/summer

summer camp video for boarding school

Spy Camp 2017- Somename School

Summer Camp in Fairfax Virginia USA. Open to all 9-12th graders interested in espionage.

Use your summer to learn the skills of a professional spy!

Session AlphaSat - June 3, 2017
Sat - July 1, 2017
Session BravoSat - July 1, 2017
Sat - July 29, 2017

* Tuition covers all room, board, gadgets, uniforms, disguises, and off-campus operations

Students come from all over the world to attend our highly classified camp. Here they learn skills that will not only keep them safe, but their loved ones safe as well. Most summer students are experiencing our unique school for the first time.

Each morning, students meet behind the statue in the park at 0530. This is where their busy day starts. Academic classes begin at 0800 and end at noon. Afternoons are spent in various activities (see below) with our former KGB instructors. Study hours run for two hours each night.

Weekends are a favorite time for students to practice their new skills on the unsuspecting public.

After spending the summer at Spy Camp, many students elect to continue their training with us during the school year.


Cover & Concealment, Diplomacy, Eavesdropping, Economics, Electronics, Espionage, Foreign Languages, Improvisation, Macguyerisms 1 & 2, One-Liners, Persuasion, Private Speaking, Reading with Eyes Closed, Space Travel, World History


Archery, Aviation, Ballroom Dancing, Dueling, Fencing, Hat Throwing, Judo, Mole Hunting, Mountain Driving, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Scuba, Skiing with Firearms, Watch Fighting


William █████████ - I attended Spy Camp last year and have used my newly developed skills to ██████ ███ ████████ █████ and ███ ██████. I would not trade my time there for █████ █████████.


Michael Smith has directed our Spy Camp since he retired from several countries at the end of the Cold War. During the school year he lurks in the shadows and teaches junior high math. He resides in Brandenburg with his wife Natasha, two cats, and a robotic dog.

Social Media

Explore #spycamp2017


You can always reach our Admissions Team at 555-555-5555. They would love to answer any questions about our camp or our school year program.

Contact Admissions


Application for Spy Camp
Packing List for Spy Camp
Disclaimer and Dossiers

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