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We love boarding schools - in fact that's what we do. Our overachieving staff creates media, pounds out code, publishes articles, analyzes data, and helps your school take better advantage of the internet. We are an easy way to expand your marketing team. Let us help you create content that your customers will love, that will educate them, and will make sure they can find you

Content Marketing

Parents and Students expect to find solutions to problems online. We help you create the evergreen content that reaches the right people at the right time. Show what makes your school unique!

Property Ads

We are about to launch ads on several of our web properties and partner sites. Our ads will aloow you to use your prexisting retargeting code along with our natural ads for a perfect way to target families as they research schools

Media Production

Beautiful photos, engaging videos, and informative podcasts catch attention and put your school at the top of the list. Either on your campus in our lab, we help you create media to tell your story.

Website Usability

Your website not only needs to be excellent via mobile, but needs to reflect who you are as a school. Parents and Students look at your website before they ever pick up a phone or fill out a form.

App Development

Our iOS and Android Apps allow you to stay in touch with your students, families, and alumni. Each school's needs are different and each app is tailored for you. Easily send push notifications and update the app via your preexisting feeds for calendars, news, photos, videos,contact information, menus and scores.

Website Analytics

What pages are relevant to enrolling and retaining a student? Which pages drive traffic away from your site? Why are your forms not performing as they should? Our Google Analytics IQ certified team can help you create funnels for conversions, increase time on site, and show how your website is actually used. We can also integrate our CRM with your website analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

By researching your on-site and off-site SEO, we create a custom plan to improve your search rankings to attract visitors to your site. We specialize in boarding schools and are not interested in just increasing traffic, but increasing the right traffic.

Google Ads

You school needs to utilizing search and display advertising to be in front of parents and students searching boarding schools. Our Google Adwords certified team can help you create and monitor Adwords Campaigns to get the most out of your ad spend.

Facebook Advertising

Instagram and Facebook are great ways to interact with your families in the recruitment and retention stages. We can help you tailor ad campaigns and take advantage of the new Facebook Canvas for mobile users. This is especially helpful since most of your traffic originates from mobile devices.

Admissions CRM & Analytics

Communication with prospective families is easy to schedule, automate & track with our custom Boarding School CRM. You can easily segment leads, track touchpoints & conversions, and make the most out of your day. The CRM can be fully integrated with your website analytics. Best of all, our CRM is web based, so it works on any computer and mobile device.


We love to solve problems with code! Our tools gather data from our visitors, store information about our schools, and keep us notified about our site's current activity. If you can think it up, we can build it.